Journey into the Imagination with Figment!

by Walt’s Digital World
on Sketchfab

Journey into the Imagination with Figment!

One little spark of inspiration, is at the start of all creation! A classic song from a classic character.

Epcot is debatably my favorite park, so this time around I decided to go with one my favorite character perhaps out of all parks and attractions, Figment.

In creating these models my ultimate goal is to recreate the parks, at this time I am working on the magic kingdom and have some work done but nothing like our friend at Journey back into the Imagination. If you’re into 3D models, then I’m sure you probably like me and search for what ever you can find related to Disney World or the parks in general. While doing my typical searching I came across a pretty awesome site where the creator recreated the classic attraction along with the pavilion in Epcot. If you have the time check it out

Not sure what my next post will be but I am hoping to get to the Dream Finder but that will probably be some time in the future!

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